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Revitalize your mission-critical environment

Hear how you can manage today's mounting business challenges and revitalize your mission-critical IT environment with the latest HP technology.

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  • Achieving our Clients' Vision play 1:44 Achieving our Clients' Vision

    Clients today are looking for different things from a technology partner. Some seek innovation, some operational excellence, and others a strong commitment. Listen t...

  • Improving minds—and bottom lines play 3:03 Improving minds—and bottom lines

    The merger of two rural South African universities exposed a need for greater security to protect assets. HP delivered solutions to address fraud issues, solve busin...

  • Blank Page to Vision Realized play 2:40 Blank Page to Vision Realized

    Clients are seeking new and better ways to get to where their enterprise is going. See how HP Enterprise Services is providing the innovation needed to keep these in...

  • Service Anywhere: What's New June 2014 play 7:17 Service Anywhere: What's New June 2014

    This video shows the highlights of the June 2014 update of HP Service Anywhere - HP’s native SaaS service desk solution built on a modern architecture that includes ...

  • HP MyRoom - Audio/Video play 11:46 HP MyRoom - Audio/Video

    HP MyRoom - Audio/Video shows you how to use the toolbar icons, select devices, adjust volume, test audio and video, check your devices and computer, and enable audi...

  • HP MyRoom - Customize View play 13:37 HP MyRoom - Customize View

    HP MyRoom - Customize View shows you how to arrange your room layout to your preferences for the People and Content panels, Chat and Question manager. Choose your vi...

  • HP MyRoom - Transitioning From HPVR play 27:09 HP MyRoom - Transitioning From HPVR

    HP MyRoom - Transitioning From HPVR guides you through moving from HPVR to MyRoom, our next step in the evolution of web conferencing. Sharing, pointers, People pane...

  • HP MyRoom - Getting Started play 12:05 HP MyRoom - Getting Started

    HP MyRoom - Getting Started guides you through installing HP MyRoom software, creating a new MyRoom account, adding product codes, adding contacts, creating rooms, i...

  • HP MyRoom - Rooms play 8:32 HP MyRoom - Rooms

    HP MyRoom - Rooms shows you how to create, rename and delete rooms as well as how to manage access to your rooms by others.

  • HP MyRoom - Meet With Others play 7:51 HP MyRoom - Meet With Others

    HP MyRoom - Meet With Others shows you how to use a chat room to drag and drop contacts, manage your room access, create room keys and schedule events.

  • HP MyRoom - Events play 16:15 HP MyRoom - Events

    HP MyRoom - Events shows you why and how to schedule events, distribute event logistics, join an event, control participant features and use handouts.

  • SMS and Damballa Advanced Threat Protection play 3:32 SMS and Damballa Advanced Threat Protection

    Integrating Security - Using TippingPoint and ArcSight technology to improve your security posture